Under 5s &

pre-school program 

Experience the joy of dance!

Playdance (2-3 YRS)

A social event for children looking to interact with other children prior to formal dance training. This class introduces the concepts of sharing and how to socialise with other children, while progressing listening skills, musical appreciation, gross motor skills and co-ordination tasks. Lots of props are used for maximal stimulation and interaction. Parents are encouraged to stay in the room and facilitate participation initially if required, then gradually wean out of the room over the course of the year.

NB: If parents are entering the studio to facilitate participation it is appreciated if younger siblings are not present.

babies BALLET (3-4yrs) &

Kindy BALLET (4-5 yrs)

An introduction to dance training, these two classes are specially designed for children prior to attending school.  Combining mime and movement, dance basics, and music – imaginations are bound to be stimulated!  A great way to build gross motor skills, co-ordination and socialisation skills from a young age!  Classes are themed each week so the children are never bored, and loosely follow a ‘ballet’ type technique which is ideal to master the basic dance movements used for all future styles of dance.  Parents are encouraged to stay and watch these classes from the waiting room ‘on TV like stars’ with students learning independence and discipline to attend the lesson on their own.  If children are not yet ready to separate from parents the ‘Playdance’ class is recommended for a term or two until confidence is gained to participate independently.

prep ballet (5-6 yrs)

Ballet is considered the foundation of all other dance styles and it is highly recommended that students take a ballet class even if focused on other styles.  This class is specifically for students in PREP at school who wish to start dance classes with a more structured ballet focus.  It builds the fundamentals of the technique required for Pre-Primary Ballet, and students only attend class once per week.  This is the ideal ‘beginners ballet class’ and a great starting point for any Prep students.

junior boys class (3-6 yrs) 

This class has been introduced specifically to cater for our budding male dancers.  The purpose of this class is to give our male dancers their ‘own identity’ and allow them to explore the different dance genres without the ‘stigma’ and often daunting overload of ‘budding ballerinas’ in their class.  We wish to encourage and nurture from a young age the important and special male-specific presence and dance moves required from this gender.  Ideally boys will move into regular syllabus classes after initially starting in this class (especially if showing particular ability with a specific dance style) but they can also continue to attend this class long term as a way of bonding and building a special connection with the males in the school.