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Experience the joy of dance!

ReC jazz

  • Junior Jazz (7-10 yrs), Inter. Rec. Jazz (10-13 yrs), and Senior Rec Jazz (13+ yrs):

These classes do not follow a strict syllabus, but allow students to experience a variety of jazz styles in a relaxed, fun setting with others in their general age grouping.  Using top 40 music, the classes work to strengthen kicks, turns, jumps and other jazz elements.

Students also learn a ‘routine’ and work on choreography within the classes. 


Rec contemporary

  • Inter Rec Contemporary (10-13 years) & Senior  Rec Contemporary (13+ years):

Contemporary builds a strong expressive, lyrical and dynamic dancer.  There is lots of work on fluid movements, floorwork, and contractions as well as intricate combinations and big movement passages.  A difficult, but very visually pleasing genre of dance that features heavily in popular dance culture.

We strongly suggest students also learn ballet to strengthen their contemporary technique and fundamentals – but this is not compulsory. 

hip hop

  • Junior (7-10 yrs), Inter (10-13yrs), Seniors (13+ yrs)

The latest dance style that mimics those moves seen on film clips and music shows.  Incorporating popping, locking, breaking and freestyling – these classes are for anyone who wants to ‘move like Usher, Omarion & Michael Jackson!’

Lots of fun and less structured than your traditional dance class, there is room for each students own personal flare and style.  

rec tap

  • Recreational Tap (9-13 yrs):

Recreational Tap class is available for students who are new to tap (starting at an older age) so the basic technique and vocabulary of steps can be acquired before moving to an appropriate syllabus Graded class.

This class is not offered every year – we accept expressions of interest and can open a class if enough interest exists. 


rec ballet

  • Junior Rec Ballet (7-10 yrs) & Inter Rec Ballet (10-13 yrs): 

These classes are designed as an alternative for children who wish to learn ballet and improve their technique, without the requirement to attend 2 classes a week.

These are not examination focussed classes, so students can join regardless of previous ballet training – this allows those who did not start ballet at a young age to join an age appropriate class and gradually increase their knowledge and technique.