Uniform Requirements

There is no mandatory set uniform for classwork at FNQ Dance Academy, however the school colours are red & black.  There is studio dancewear available for purchase if desired, but this is not compulsory and children can mix and match these studio pieces with their own leotards and tights.  Below is a guide to the type of attire appropriate for each of the classes on offer:


Whatever your child feels comfortable in, and makes them want to dance!

Leotards & skirts, fairies dresses, or bikepants & tops. Children do NOT need shoes for this class, but ballet shoes are optional



  • Babies Ballet, Tiny-tots Ballet classes:

Leotard and a skirt.  It is not necessary for these children to wear ballet shoes initially, but is recommended once your child is settled into the class.  No ‘jiffies’ please.

  • Pre-primary, and Primary Ballet classes:

Single coloured leotard, and soft skirt.  Pink ballet shoes and socks.  Many children wear the examination uniform for most of the year so they can rehearse with the correct skirt.

  • Grade 1 -8 Ballet classes, Vocational Ballet classes:

Single coloured leotard, ballet tights and ballet shoes.  Elastic on shoes is fine for classwork, but children from Grade 3 onwards will require ribbons for exams.  Children in the Grades will also require character shoes for all classes.  Vocational students will require pointe shoes.

  • Boys Ballet Uniform:

Black or navy tights or shorts, leotard or tight fitting singlet, socks and black ballet shoes.  Character shoes needed from Gr. 1



Ballet leotard and stockings +/- leggings over the top are preferred, but crop tops, tights, leggings, bikepants, or unitards are also acceptable.  Must be tight-fitting to allow full view of bodyline, NO baggy pants or flares!  Barefeet is preferred for modern & acro classes.  Foot thongs are optional for contemporary.



Leotards, crop tops, tights, leggings or bikepants are acceptable.  Must be tight-fitting to allow full view of bodyline, NO baggy pants or flares! Tap shoes with heel and toe taps are required for tap, and jazz shoes for jazz classes (no set colours).



Wear what you feel comfortable in- make sure it is loose fitting so you can move and not be restricted!  Hightops or Jazz shoes/boots, sneakers or runners are recommended



Shorts (moveable), bikepants or tights.  Fitted t-shirt or singlet.  Socks and jazz shoes/tap shoes



Hair must be neatly pulled off the face and tightly secured for ALL classes.  This is important not only to aid concentration, but also trains the children on how to present themselves neatly and take pride in their appearance.   It is expected that all children learning ballet from Grade 1 onwards attend class with hair in a bun.  Please no watches or jewellery (students will be asked to remove any necklaces/braclets etc so please leave at home).



There is a set uniform for all examinations undertaken in ballet, modern and tap.  This will be advised (with the associated costs) once your child is ready to consider taking these examinations.  An option to hire uniforms will also be available.



Academy branded merchandise is available for purchase, and both students and parental supporters are encouraged to wear these items when attending public dance events such as eisteddfods and studio excursions.  A combination of t-shirts, singlets, crop tops, shorts and leggings featuring our logos are available to order at reception.  Tracksuits, jackets and competition capes will be ready prior to competitions.

The upmost professionalism is expected whenever students are wearing this uniform in public as representatives of the Academy (this is expected even when not wearing the Academy uniform!)


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