Jazz & Contemporary Classes


  •  Junior Jazz (7-9 yrs), Inter. Rec. Jazz (10-14yrs), Inter. Comp. Jazz (10-13 yrs) and Senior Advanced Jazz (13+ yrs):


These classes do not follow a strict syllabus, but allow students to experience a variety of styles in a relaxed, fun setting with others in their general age grouping.  Using top 40 music, the classes work to strengthen kicks, turns, jumps and other jazz elements.

From the Intermediate level groups are divided into recreational (Rec) or Competitive streams (comp).  The recreational class is a great option for those who do not want to do a ‘technical’ modern class but want to enjoy a structured jazz class.

The Inter Comp. and Senior Advanced classes for those who sit exams and do competition work that want to spend more time working on the ‘wow’ elements to complement their technical training and take their dancing to the next level.



  • Junior (Gr. 3 & 4 Ballet), Inter (Gr. 5 & Inter. Found. Ballet) & Senior (Intermediate – Advanced Ballet)

NB: Only students who attend at least 1 ballet class a week are able to enrol in contemporary classes.


With a strong foundation in ballet, contemporary builds a strong expressive, lyrical and dynamic dancer.  There is lots of work on fluid movements, floorwork, and contractions as well as intricate combinations and big movement passages.  A difficult, but very visually pleasing genre of dance that features heavily in popular dance culture.

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