Conditioning & Acro Classes


  • Inter (Gr. 4- Inter. Found. Ballet), & Senior (Intermediate – Adv. Ballet):

NB: Recommended for all ballet students sitting exams and compulsory for senior vocational students undertaking an exam

These classes are based on ‘Clinical Pilates’ techniques and the ‘Progressing Ballet Technique’ program established by Marie Walton-Mahon.  Much of the class utilises fit-balls to challenge stability and build core control rapidly.  Exercises to improve strength and flexibility along with general conditioning are incorporated with a strong ballet focus.  This class also addresses injury prevention strategies and management, designed to build stronger, fitter, and more flexible dancers!!


  • Pre-Junior (Gr. 1 & 2 Ballet), Junior (Gr. 3 & 4 Ballet), Inter (Gr.5 & Inter Found. Ballet), Senior (Inter- Adv. Ballet):

NB: It is very important to start developing these skills ‘from the basics’ so we highly recommend those students at ‘Pre-Junior’ level who are interested to start immediately in 2016.  They should then be able to progress through the levels as recommended in future years.  Those in higher levels will also go ‘back to the basics’ but will hopefully progress through the initial levels much quicker.  After 2016, students wishing to start acro classes will need to be assessed as it will be difficult to join their ‘age-appropriate’ class if the basic skills are not already achievable.

From 2015, we introduced the ‘Acrobatique’ acro-dance syllabus to our repertoire.  With an ever increasing demand from the dance industry for athletic, highly flexible, strong dancers with acrobatic skills it is essential that we train our students with correct technique to execute these skills SAFELY from an early age.  Instructors in this syllabus undergo rigorous training and monitoring to deliver this work, with the focus on strength and form before flexibility and ‘tricks’.

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